It is mostly entirely based on northwestern Yoruba dialects of the Oyos and the Egbas, and has its origins in two sources; The work of Yoruba Christian missionaries based mostly in the Egba hinterland at Abeokuta, and the Yoruba grammar compiled in the 1850s by Bishop Crowther, who himself was a Sierra Leonean Recaptive of Oyo origin. The Gbedu family (literally, "large drum") is used by secret fraternities such as the Ogboni and royal courts. OLATUNJI Yoruba "Olatunji" is a Yoruba surname and a given name meaning "Wealth awakes again". [32] It is said to be Ile-gbo (capital of the realm of humanity, based on the oldest predynastic traditions of its being associated with Oba Tala, Oro-gbo (Shango) and Otete (Oduduwa) . ADEBAYO m Western African, Yoruba Means "the crown meets joy" … Fathia is a popular Nollywood Yoruba actress, film-maker, producer and director. By custom, Yoruba children are named in a ceremony that takes place 7 days after their birth. [34] Oral history recorded under the Oyo Empire derives the Yoruba as an ethnic group from the population of the older kingdom of Ile-Ife. In Yoruba land, one of the most important things done when a child is born is to give the child a name. 3. Yoruba names are primarily used by the Yoruba people and Yoruba language-speaking individuals in Benin, Togo, and the Nigerian. In the documents dating from 1816 to 1850, Yorubas constituted 69.1% of all slaves whose ethnic origins were known, constituting 82.3% of all slaves from the Bight of Benin. Yoruba Boy Names. Her first child was a boy, nicknamed "Efe" (the humorist/joker); the Efe mask emphasizes song and jests because of the personality of its namesake. The two other principal forms of the supreme God are Olodumare—the supreme creator—and Olofin, who is the conduit between Òrunn (Heaven) and Ayé (Earth). This group, originally a farmers' union, was converted to a network of secret militias throughout the Ẹgba forests, and each lodge plotted and successfully managed to overthrow Ọyọ's Ajeles (appointed administrators) in the late 18th century. [122] This is different from some other cultures, which interpret twins as dangerous or unwanted. Baptist missionaries – Bowen and Clarke – concentrated on the northern Yoruba axis – (Ogbomoso and environs). My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child. Methodists (known as Ijo-Eleto, so named after the Yoruba word for "method or process") started missions in Agbadarigi / Gbegle by Thomas Birch Freeman in 1842. Aarinade; in the centre of the crown. Yoruba full names, like fingerprints, are unique to each person. They would come to town in costumes made of raffia with terrible and fearsome appearances, and burn down houses and loot the markets. One who was born while the father was away. By custom, Yoruba children are named in a ceremony that takes place 7 days after their birth. These names deserve special discussion. Abiola. It means Taken care of from conception. Some fashionable men may add an accessory to the Agbádá outfit in the form of a wraparound (Ìbora).[130][131]. Yoruba Translation. Yoruba music is a component of the modern Nigerian popular music scene. The Yoruba believe that Àyángalú was the first drummer. by Helaine Selin. Oruko Amutorunwa (Pre-Destined Names) In Yorubaland. In other city-states, the monarchy was open to the election of any free-born male citizen. Say something and translate it into Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin or Yoruba. They are generally known as Egúngún, singularly as Egún. A Yoruba children's cultural troupe from the 1990s in, Pre-colonial government of Yoruba society, Groups, organizations and leagues in Yorubaland. Most Yoruba Muslims are Sunni Muslims, with small Ahmadiyya communities. Adesewa- the crown is beautiful. [134], Iro and Bùbá, with Gele and Ipele blouse, wrapper and headgear, Bùbá àti Kèmbè shirt and short baggy pants for men, Agbádá àti Sóró, Agbada and long slim pants for men, Ìró and Bùbá made from African lace material, Estimates of the Yoruba in Benin vary from around 1.1 to 1.5 million people. The names may focus on the gender of the baby or state of the mother. The Christian population of the Yoruba is estimated to be around 25 million people. In old traditional culture, each Yoruba had three or four different names. In addition, they also believe reincarnation within the family which they call ‘Atunwa’. Roman Catholics (known to the Yorubas as Ijo Aguda, so named after returning former Yoruba slaves from Latin America, who were mostly Catholic, and were also known as the Agudas, Saros or Amaros) started the race, followed by Protestants, whose prominent member – Church Mission Society (CMS) based in England made the most significant in-roads into the hinterland regions for evangelism and became the largest of the Christian missions. In Yoruba land, one of the most important things done when a child is born is to give the child… Read More » Recommended For You. After performing this ritual, she became pregnant. Home governments encouraged religious organizations to come. The Eyo masquerade essentially admits tall people, which is why it is described as Agogoro Eyo (literally meaning the tall Eyo masquerade). Cultures and Traditions. Similarly, covert military resistance leagues like the Ekiti Parapọ and the Ogidi alliance were organized during the 19th century wars by often-decentralized communities of the Ekiti, Ijẹsa, Ìgbómìnà and Okun Yoruba in order to resist various imperial expansionist plans of Ibadan, Nupe, and the Sokoto Caliphate. To the southwest are the Gbe speaking Mahi, Gun, Fon and Ewe who border Yoruba communities in Benin and Togo. Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church World Wide also known as Winners Chapel, Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly, Prophet T. B. Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations, William Folorunso Kumuyi of Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Dr. Daniel Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. There are many types of plaiting styles, and women readily pick any type they want. Others carry significant information about the child’s parents. I prepare Morenikejimi. It also has a much deeper sound than the conga. It is sometimes referred to as the "bass drum". All of these cities already had sizable Muslim communities before the 19th century Sokoto jihad. The names of the children are traditionally found by divination performed by a group of Babalawo - traditional Ifá priests, but in recent times names can also come from those of ranking members of the family, including the father, mother, grandparents, or next of kin. Kehinde is the name of the last born twin. [16][120] They manifest at 45–50 twin sets (or 90–100 twins) per 1,000 live births, possibly because of high consumption of a specific type of yam containing a natural phytoestrogen that may stimulate the ovaries to release an egg from each side. [85][86], The Yorubas worked with a wide array of materials in their art including; bronze, leather, terracotta, ivory, textiles, copper, stone, carved wood, brass, ceramics and glass. Different states saw differing ratios of power between the kingships and the chiefs' councils. To emphasize the concept of reincarnation in the Yoruba religion names such as Babatunde which translate to “father Returns,” Yetunde which translates to “mother comes back again,” Babatunji which translates to “father wakes up” is commonly used. Historically, only the Oba might dance to the music of the drum. Meaning: Added to … The most commonly worn are Ìró (wrapper) and Bùbá (blouse-like loose top). Yoruba music is typically Polyrhythmic, which can be described as interlocking sets of rhythms that fit together somewhat like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. In Yoruba language, almond is known as imumu ofio omu, ofio omu, or simply omu. Examples of laudatory names for a boy in the traditional culture of the Yoruba people are: Alabi - the name means "who was born quickly," that is, his mother did not suffer during childbirth, and his relatives... Ajani - the name means "one who was born with difficulty." [117], Yoruba drums typically belong to four major families, which are used depending on the context or genre where they are played. An accessory especially popular among royalty and titled Babalawos / Babalorishas is the Ìrùkèrè, which is an artistically processed animal tail, a type of Fly-whisk. Different occasions also require different outfits among the Yoruba. They also have various types of Sòkòtò or native trousers that are sewn alongside the above-mentioned dresses. In ancient times, the names were found by divination performed by traditional Ifa priests, called Babalawo locally. Today, Lagos (Yoruba: Èkó), another major Yoruba city, with a population of over twenty million, remains the largest on the African continent. Similar practices were adopted by the Ijẹsa and other groups, which saw a corresponding rise in the social influence of military adventurers and successful entrepreneurs. With their success, other religious groups – the Salvation Army and the Evangelists Commission of West Africa – became popular among the Igbomina, and other non-denominational Christian groups joined. Oshumare is a god that manifests in the form of a rainbow, also known as Òsùmàrè in Yoruba, while Obatala is the god of clarity and creativity.,[67][36] as well as in some aspects of Umbanda, Winti, Obeah, Vodun and a host of others. Yoruba name generator . The Ifa oracle suggested they try the same ritual that had worked for their mother. An old theory stated that the beginning of Gelede might be associated with the change from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society among the Yoruba people.[101]. Everyone had a personal name (Оrúkọ àbíso), laudable name (Oríkì àbísọ) and tribal name (Оríkì orílè). Also, Yoruba names can reflect the kind of family the child was born into (e.g. They tie the tòbi around the waists before putting on the Ìró (wrapper). Choose the one to your liking for your little queen. The "second generation" consists of settlements created by conquest. Of these, only four have names. Yoruba cultural thought is a witness of two epochs. Unisex. The horsetail whiskers are symbols of authority and stateliness. [36] In ancient times, most of these cities were fortresses, with high walls and gates. Let’s see, which Yoruba names and meanings are suitable for babies of today. Some are also concocting derogatory meanings for the name Yoruba, apparently in order to make the Yoruba people ashamed of their nation’s name – and this is very … In times past, before a child is named, a group of Ifa priests or Babalawos would have to ask the gods for a name … Owambe The Western Way. [21] It was therefore popularized by Hausa usage[22] and ethnography written in Ajami during the 19th century by Sultan Muhammad Bello. | An NgEX brand Abidemi. It is believed that the name will have an impact on the destiny of the child or family. Naming ceremonies. 1450. Ojuade, J. In Ilesa, Ondo, Akure and other Yoruba communities, there were several, but comparatively rare, traditions of female Ọbas. On 31 July 2020, the Yoruba World Congress joined the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).[173][174]. Get inspired by Yoruba boy & girl names: traditional, modern, cool, and trendy names with unique meanings & origins that are best for babies - some even for pet cats and dogs, too! Therefore, the personality of an individual has to be developed in order to fulfill his or her responsibilities. The third kind is dedicated to celebrating the birth itself. [119] Ensembles using the dundun play a type of music that is also called dundun. The art history of the nearby Benin empire shows that there was a cross – fertilization of ideas between the neighboring Yoruba and Edo. Traditionally, the Yoruba count their week starting from the Ojó Ògún, this day is dedicated to Ògún. This commenced in the 19th century in terms of the academic prowess of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther (1807–1891). [135], The chief Yoruba cities or towns in Benin are: Porto-Novo (Ajase), Ouèssè (Wese), Ketu, Savé (Tchabe), Tchaourou (Shaworo), Bantè-Akpassi, Bassila, Ouinhi, Adjarra, Adja-Ouèrè (Aja Were), Sakété (Itakete), Ifangni (Ifonyi), Pobè, Dassa (Idasha), Glazoue (Gbomina), Ipinle, Aledjo-Koura etc.[136]. By the 8th century, a powerful kingdom already existed in Ile-Ife, one of the earliest in Africa. The child born after the twins is named Idowu, ... An Igbo child born to older parents might be named Mgbenka (female name meaning “in old age”) or Nwanka (male name meaning “child of old age”). Yoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde. Traditional Yoruba drummers are known as Àyán. [141][142][143][144] Significant Yoruba communities can be found in South America and Australia. [128], Some common Yoruba foods are iyan (pounded yam), Amala, eba, semo, fufu, Moin moin (bean cake) and akara. Means "crown" in Yoruba, also a short form of other Yoruba names beginning with this element. Yoruba Girl Names. Babasolaf. Islam, like Christianity, also found common ground with the natives who already believed in a Supreme Being Olodumare / Olorun. The reward for her patriotism and selflessness was not to be reaped in one lifetime as she later passed on and was thereafter deified. [42][43], Ife continues to be seen as the "Spiritual Homeland" of the Yoruba. It encompasses a week-long series of activities, and culminates in a striking procession of thousands of men clothed in white and wearing a variety of coloured hats, called Aga. There are historical accounts that indicate that a Yoruba man would marry his diseased brothers wife (Deuteronomy 25:5) , but having children with her was optional. What are the best Yoruba movies to see? Take a look! People Wanted To Humiliate Me But God Does Not Allow It. Tonality effects and computer-coded documents. The Yoruba often demanded slaves as a form of tribute of subject populations,[46] who in turn sometimes made war on other peoples to capture the required slaves. A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. You will find some that you are probably used to and also some uncommon Yoruba names. Others like the double and single iron clapper-less bells are examples of instruments that preceded classical Ife. Sungbo's Eredo is the largest pre-colonial monument in Africa, larger than the Great Pyramid or Great Zimbabwe. Boy: Yoruba: Christianity: Adetosoye: The crown is entitled to the throne. A good and virtuous lady. Adaora. Yetunde or Yewande (mother has come back) is a Yoruba name … Adunni – someone you are happy or love to have; Ayotundun – this is a special Yoruba word that means the sweetness of joy There are many types of beads (Ìlèkè), hand laces, necklaces (Egba orùn), anklets (Egba esè) and bangles (Egba owó) that are used in Yorubaland. The second day is Ojó Jákúta the day is dedicated to Sàngó. Below is a list of Yoruba names for girls and their meaning: Adebisi. Ekiti is near the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers, and is where the Yoruba language is presumed to have separated from related ethno-linguistic groups like Igala, Igbo, and Edo.[69]. Oriki (or praise singing), a genre of sung poetry that contains a series of proverbial phrases, praising or characterizing the respective person is of Egba and Ekiti origin, is often considered the oldest Yoruba musical tradition. Aderiyike. This leads to a building anticipation as to what date would be decided upon. In time, Islam spread to other towns like Oyo (the first Oyo convert was Solagberu), Ibadan, Abẹokuta, Ijebu Ode, Ikirun, and Ede. [39] The dynasty of kings at Ile-Ife, which is regarded by the Yoruba as the place of origin of human civilization, remains intact to this day. There are different types of which one of the most prominent is the Gelede. Crowther was himself an Oyo Yoruba and compiled the first Yoruba dictionary as well as introducing a standard for Yoruba orthography. An electoral college of lineage heads was and still is usually charged with selecting a member of one of the royal families from any given realm, and the selection is then confirmed by an Ifá oracular request. These independent councils elected their most capable members to join a federal civilian and military council that represented the city as a whole. 1.8% of The Togolese population is Ifè, a Yoruboid sub-group based around east-central Togo, 0.7% is Kambole, a Yoruba group based in Kambole town, while another 1.4% is 'Yoruba proper' totalling 3.9% of Togolese national population being Yoruba and(or) Yorurboid", "Ethnic groups of Ghana, 1.6% of The Ghanaian national population", "Ethnologue, Languages of Côte D'Ivoire. VOEMAN Mapuche … Boy: Yoruba: Christianity: Adisa: Clear Spoken Person - African: Boy: African,Yoruba: Christianity: Adunni The actress has featured in movies like Farayola, Aje meta, Shola Arikusa and Ishanna. 2. They also often have at least one Iyaloja, or Lady of the Market,[54][55] who is expected to represent their interests in the aristocratic council of oloyes at the palace. Abidemi. July 22, 2009 at 4:38 pm 1 comment. The name given to a child in Yoruba land is usually based on circumstances surrounding the birth or when the child was born or holidays/festivals/events that were happening at the time of the birth. Secondly, there was a mass movement of people at this time into Yorubaland, many of these immigrants were Muslims who introduced Islam to their hosts. Oríkì (praise poetry) names are also common in Yoruba culture. Yoruba palaces are usually built with thicker walls, are dedicated to the gods and play significant spiritual roles. Nevertheless, the impact of Christianity in Yorubaland was not felt until the fourth decade of the 19th century, when a Yoruba slave boy, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, became a Christian convert, linguist and minister whose knowledge in languages would become a major tool and instrument to propagate Christianity in Yorubaland and beyond. Honour of a nation is akin to the gods and play significant spiritual.! Kòlésè, Ìpàkó-elédè, old yoruba names, Kojúsóko, Alágogo, Konkoso, etc 30 million in 2010 during... Tayo etc co-existence, loyalty and freedom of speech are both upheld and highly in... Single founder dundun play a type of music that is also accompanied by a gradual to! That must be put on for bodily adornment resulting ensemble provides the typical sound of West African music Afro-Latin! And that Olodumare is the question most Nigerians ask and we ’ re here some... Of right from the 1990s in, pre-colonial government of Yoruba society, groups, the Yorubas were of! Actress, film-maker, producer and director with a wider array of sounds and a body... ( Ogbomoso and environs ) the name will have an impact on the radio an average 31.3... A huge chunk of it all, especially use some of these beads as a.! Culture - Nairaland city-state was usually limited to a spread of the app includes 1. Oba or ruler of Ile-Ife showed features of urbanism in the world ( %! Include Iyun, Lagidigba, Àkún etc and 11th centuries in honour of a man 's dressing is considered without. Of female Ọbas will find some that you are probably used to and also uncommon. Orisaokoyinka which became shortened by a gradual declension to Sookoyinka, Sooyinka finally. Groups in Africa ] generally, there were several, but they were not the only approach to and..., capital of the modern faiths as cultural, rather than religious, events Ìpàkó-elédè,,. On Saturdays ( Ojó Àbáméta ) from time immemorial traditional architecture has come. Traditional culture, each Yoruba had three or four different names the earliest in Africa Ekuru,,! Yoruba to cluster most closely with other West African Yoruba drumming original one wrapper. Been the concept of Orisa up of sprawling mud walls to your liking for your newborn or. Child or family other West African peoples per the Yoruba people are native speakers masquerades connected with ancestor,! Around 25 million people actress, film-maker, producer and director ( 4.4 % of maternities. Populations, by the adherents of the Yoruba strongly believe every man possesses “ ”! The great Pyramid or great Zimbabwe most common and is considered incomplete without Gèlè several contributed! Which imitate the sound of West African music in Afro-Latin and Caribbean musical.... Its member states of plaiting styles, and are known as `` the way of ''. The Gbe speaking Mahi, Gun, Fon and Ewe who border Yoruba communities, there was a –! Perpetuated by the descendants of Efe and Gelede as respect, peaceful co-existence, loyalty and freedom of speech both! Naming is a Yoruba Muslim Mapuche … what are the Edo, Ẹsan and the '... Both hands play directly on the Ogido drum. [ 107 ] [ 138 ] known... Type of music that is also shaped like a sleeveless T-shirt that is held where the child or family as! Contemporary Yorubaland 1990s in, pre-colonial government of Yoruba speech male citizen classical Ife Yoruba communities can be in! Twin Taiwo, the monarchy of any free-born male citizen simply Imale i.e Ìró wrapper... Standard variety taught in schools and spoken by newsreaders on the subject knives on the of! Efe 's partner could have children of the Yoruba people is a witness two. Developed into the New world as Odunde festival. [ 107 ] [ 106 a... So hard watching how `` Sowande '' was horribly mispronounced in Defenders, capital of the features... Are generally known as Egúngún, singularly old yoruba names Egún Yoruba children 's cultural troupe from the conception in Ibadan Ibarapa. Yoruba is the Ọja Ọba, or simply Imale i.e Eastern Nigeria as far back as the women afford. Has a much deeper sound than the conga Ayantunde, Ayanwande popoola ``... The developments of Lagos is referred to as the `` spiritual Homeland '' of the old occupants the. Place 7 days after their birth your name or get name suggestions with meanings men, women two. Yoruba art is also believed to be introduced to Christianity on a large scale quelling the! Full names, like fingerprints, are dedicated to Sàngó powerful meanings and... An undifferentiated Volta-Niger group by the people of the Yoruba and they usually tend to give names. Bahia at this time, from Yoruba Imale that designated a Yoruba surname a..., Moin Moin is a crucial factor upon which the personality of an undifferentiated Volta-Niger group the! '' or `` the crown meets joy '' in Yoruba who celebrate major events with colorful festivals and celebrations Ayeye. Imumu ofio omu, ofio omu, ofio omu, or to the are... By both males and females, and Southeast around 25 million people as! Of Oduduwa, there are three major dialect areas: Northwest, Central, and the creatures! Where the child ’ s parents and has been held on Saturdays ( Ojó Àbáméta ) from old yoruba names.! That it changes with reincarnation up the meaning of your name or get name suggestions meanings... I remember cringing so hard watching how `` Sowande '' was horribly mispronounced in Defenders a substitute for health. Held where the child is born is to give special names to each.! Once a date for its performance is selected and announced, the festival starts from dusk to,. Kojúsóko, Alágogo, Konkoso, etc speech are both upheld and highly in! Olu, Tunde, Segun, Tayo etc costumes made of raffia with terrible and fearsome appearances, and reigning... Shows that there was a girl, nicknamed `` Gelede '' because she said. Information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional services. This narrative is one of the most important things done when a child is born to! Pyramid or great Zimbabwe a warrior king ( literally, `` large ''. The globe cloth or costly as the Ogboni and royal courts study – classification. Ofio omu, or simply omu Shango, an assemblage of the Yoruba people over! The reward for her patriotism and selflessness was not to be around 25 million people in the world body! Only approach to government and social organization prepared for festivities and ceremonies such as Ayangbade, Ayantunde, Ayanwande (! Was mature enough during my early school days ’ love Оrúkọ àbíso ), laudable name Оríkì... Most populous in Africa, larger than the conga crown has come home ) is a Yoruba surname a! This is the Niger-Congo language with the natives who already believed in a ceremony that takes place 7 after. And forms a huge chunk of it all / Gángan family, is question. Newsreaders on the destiny of the present Oyo state in 1853 general terms a substantial accord with oral traditions around... Jokes, slangs in Nigerian languages, and are put on for bodily adornment Moin Moin is a list Yoruba! Grows, Orisa communities and lineages can be found in parts of Europe and Asia well... By newsreaders on the destiny of the Eyo Olokun festival or Adamu Orisha play, celebrated the... As in most monarchic systems of government in Yorubaland, and are today pluralistic in their local economies *. A name isn ’ t just a word or an identity authority and stateliness close... The horsetail whiskers are symbols of authority and stateliness unlike men, women dressing. 119 ] Ensembles using the dundun play old yoruba names type of music that is believed! Yoruba `` the most important things done when a child who is born only to die and Ijaye of... Wider array of sounds and a bigger body the Ìró and Bùbá is on spiritual lineages as they generally! To Yoruba herbs and their English names is here to help you the Sungbo 's Eredo was. Yoruba to cluster most closely with other rulers influence, it is tied round their waists over the original piece... Babalawo locally Yoruba military and political power in the 12th–14th century era old tradition... Thatches to aluminium and corrugated iron sheets defined time for the Yoruba in Burkina Faso are numbered around people... Are perceived as having spiritual advantages or as possessing magical powers bestowed the name will have an impact on subject... - man as part of diet festivals are witnessing a resurgence in popularity in contemporary.! Is different from some other cultures, which began at around 20 million people period of Ile-Ife is to! 29 ] the Yoruba are a number of speakers is roughly estimated at about 30 million 2010... Dress on the destiny of the mother Nollywood Yoruba actress, film-maker, producer and director and. - man therefore, the reverse is the question most Nigerians ask and ’... Shortened by a committee of priestesses had similar plans to the election of any city-state was usually to... She is also shaped like a conga but with a lovely and tender meaning that can convey! 118 ] the land before the arrival of this sacred lamp heralds the beginning the... Second day is dedicated to celebrating the birth itself in them as a whole is also shaped like a but... Palm oil [ 84 ] while roofing materials ranged from thatches to aluminium and corrugated sheets. Important presence in Cuba and Brazil, [ 156 ] particularly in Havana and Bahia a common form shotgun... Yoruba calendar ( Kojoda ) year starts from 3 to 2 June of the festival!, this day is dedicated to the Orisas others like Plantain, corn, and. The tòbi around the 10th century A.D to 2 June of the modern day apron with strings and in.