Tahr, Deer and Chamois Hunting on the West Coast of NZ. Today New Zealand offers some of the best trophy Sika deer hunting in the world. The property remains a stronghold for the breed, with arguably the best sika hunting available anywhere in New Zealand. In winter, when plant growth is sparse and conditions cold, sika are seldom encountered in the open preferring sunny mid valley, forest slopes and creek heads. Karter Reid. Call us at 1 800 258 5930 or 0274303876 within NZ … Owner financing available -- $950. Rifle calibres of .243 and above are suitable for shooting sika deer. Regarded as a handsome deer a sika stag makes a beautiful trophy. Of these species the Sika, Sambar and Rusa deer species are only found in the central North Island, and the Whitetail in the lower part of the Southern Island. During spring, deer can be seen coming out of the forest to feed on new grass and shrub growth. The sika deer (Cervus nippon) also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia and introduced to other parts of the world. There is a dimension to the hunting experience at Poronui that sets it apart. Sika Deer. Any high-powered rifle with a calibre from 243 upwards will do the job. Of the nine species of deer successfully liberated in our country, Sika have the most character. The property remains a stronghold for the breed, with arguably the best sika hunting available anywhere in New Zealand. When hunting in the last 2 hours of daylight and an animal spotted a 'purposeful approach' will often be successful. Sika stag shot on his wallow in the Ngawaparua region of the Kawekas. Sika deer measured in New Zealand have a body length of approximately 1.4 m in males and 1.3 m in females. © 2020 New Zealand Safaris Ltd. US Freephone 1 888 891 0526 . Get good advice before purchasing a rifle. This patch has a dark margin near the base of the tail which fades to the colour of the body hair as it extends down the hind legs. Whether Kaimanawa hunting or Kaweka, here, Sika deer are abundant on the exclusive private land we fly you to. In New Zealand, there is no seasonal restriction to hunting sika deer meaning generally they can be hunted throughout the year. Offering the discerning hunter and angler the opportunity to experience some of the finest safari adventures throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. Sika deer are one of the most sought after deer species to hunt in New Zealand. Spots fade as the winter coat grows, and the animal takes on a more uniform brown-grey colour. Wellington, N.Z. All our sika hunting is from comfortable accommodation at the property. In spring, sika spend a lot of time in the open grazing on new grass growth. Helisika is able to provide professional guides, for your helicopter hunting NZ experience, and … Lahar Sika Wilderness guides hunters into the 'Black Forest' to quality Sika trophy hunting, Red Stag hunting and Fallow Buck hunting, in New Zealand. Are you human? Department of Conservation | Te Papa Atawhai, https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/things-to-do/hunting/what-to-hunt/deer/sika-deer/. About the Central North Island Sika Foundation . A sika hind photographed with a Canon SX60 HS at a distance of 930m. NZ SIKA DEER’ Caller - NZ Hunting Products This deer call was purpose designed especially for the New Zealand Sika Deer. Sika have a red orange colored coat with spots and white rump they weigh between 150-240 lbs. Phone +64 6 385 4136 . He has been hunting Sika deer since 1986 and in 1998 joined Hunters & Habitats Inc and then became actively involved in the annual Sika Show. Fallow deer were introduced from 1860 and are now found in many low-altitude forests, partly the result of farm escapes. Price: NZ$1190 + packing and freight. 2016-10-15T13:09:02+13:00 By Danny de Hek | Hunting Regions | Do you enjoy the thrill of the chase - the excitement of stalking big game animals? Hunt one of the finest Sika Deer in the world. Sika Deer. These take longer to download. Some areas may be closed during periods of high fire danger. They also were introduced to Europe, North We offer high quality products and free shipping to New Zealand. Sika Deer Hunting in New Zealand. All rights reserved. If a hunter is seen approaching, sika may lie flat on the ground to avoid detection. During the roar, sika stags have a call that can best be described as being similar to a donkey "hee-haw". ‘Nother day at the office’ says the expression on “Sepps” face. Sika deer, the graceful spotted deer of Japanese and Chinese art, originally were native to Asia from far-east Russia to Vietnam to the islands of Japan and Taiwan. NZ Herald Home. Previously found from northern Vietnam in the south to the Russian Far East in the north, it is now uncommon except in Japan, where the species is overabundant. New Zealand is renowned as a hunter’s paradise where some of the best prize trophies in the world can be taken. Sika is a sound artist based in New Zealand. Introduced from Asia, the Sika Deer, is sometimes referred to as the ‘Ghost Deer’ because of its elusiveness and its seemingly supernatural ability to move quickly and silently through dense bush and undergrowth. Sika stag another caualty of the mighty Forester. Browse through the online collections of musical pins New Zealand. Offering Sound Journeys for over 25 years, Sika is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. With Hunting Downunder you can enjoy a free range sika stag hunting experience in the North Island, New Zealand. Due to an increase in the lease of the property I will now charge a $2000 trophy fee when a trophy stag is taken. We use tree stands, blinds, calling and stalking to hunt these deer with shot ranges from 40-150 yard shots bow hunting is possible. Find out how to identify them, where and when to find them. Believed to be of Asia origin, the Sika deer were successfully introduced to NZ in 1905 via stock from Woburn Abbey Park in England. Home: Posts: Tag: Sika Deer. Sika Deer Sika: Code= (S) Size: 350mmL X 450mmH X 220mmW. The boys hadn’t seen them so I motioned for them to grab a seat and pointed the two deer out to them. This extremely private and spectacularly beautiful 16,000 acres of backcountry wilderness is home to the finest free-range Sika deer. His work reflects a lifetime of listening to the rhythms of nature. The most popular colour? The Sika deer herd at Kaweka Hunting is known in New Zealand for its impressive genetic quality, with a possible World #2 taken in April 2008. Hunting the Wild NZ Series (17) Alaskan Adventures (9) Shopping Cart; Your Shopping Cart is Empty; You are here: Home > Contact Me. Pages 468–477 in C. M. King, editor, The handbook of New Zealand mammals. A cunning deer similar to that of a whitetail they inhabit native manuka and timber for most of the day venturing out in the evenings to late morning. Our latest Sika Deer stories ... Four Seasons Safaris New Zealand provides a professional outdoor guiding service based at the Rakaia Gorge in the South Island of New Zealand. 2. a famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. Red deer is the most widespread species, and is also the most commonly farmed deer. Sika deer are found in Kaimanawa Forest Park and the Kaweka Forest. There are 7 different deer species in New Zealand which are Elk, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Sambar Deer, Rusa Deer, Whitetail Deer. Herds of sika have become established in many countries around the world including the UK, USA and New Zealand. Sika deer are a favourite of many New Zealand hunters and of international trophy hunters alike. Nomenclature: Male = stag. Sika deer and more importantly sika stags are only found in the North Island, this means you will visit New Zealand’s North Island on your hunt for a New Zealand sika stag. However the key points to note are they are much smaller than red deer… The roar or rut (late March to early May) is when the stags are most vocal, calling to attract the attention of hinds and are less cautious than other times. Control of sika deer. Weight: 4Kg Packed 7Kg. Found in the central North Island, many hunters and tourists enjoy chasing these noisy (have a squeak/squeal as an alarm call), elusive animals. Sika do not have bez tines whereas these are present in red deer. New Zealand. Sika of New Zealand were obtained from the Duke of Bedford , Woburn Park , England and introduced in1905 at Poronui Station in the Kaimanawa Ranges . Sika deer are one of the most sought after deer species to hunt in New Zealand. If you are keen to see and learn more about Brian and the many trophies he has put his hunters behind, browse through the best selling Elwarth Productions DVD series – spanning over 20 years of hunting in New Zealand and North America.