Galbraith glided over and said: I saw what I wanted to see. Bruce came in carrying an enormous basket of gilded straw. Sunlight from the window gilded her shoulder - length blonde hair. GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; … 4. The gold pocket watch, which featured 24 complications, was the result of a long-standing competition between two magnates of America's Gilded Age. 118 67 long gilded spear, crossed at the top by a bar from which hung a square purple cloth, richly jewelled. The design of the former is a trellis crossing the ceiling diagonally; in each of the lacunae is carved a cherubim with eight wings; the figures and the trellis are gilded; the ground is a rich ultramarine. glided v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." simple past tense and past participle of glide, His head sank, as if he had been struck by an arrow, and he, Lloyd was caught by surprise for a moment but he, What was his offence, he asked himself, as his brougham, How gladly they would have welcomed the tricolour as it, They were so short a distance from the vessel that those on board could plainly see the movements of the great fish as he, Mindful of his previous experience, he put out his light and, Having accomplished this transformation the spirit gave her to the chief of the trouts, and the pair, He closed the muffler of his machine, and as it, The word was passed down the line of canoes, the boats, Bill vanished, and my thin, ascetic friend, We soon came in sight of a buck feeding in a shallow pasture, and the boat. Glide in a sentence (1) Waiters glide between tightly packed tables bearing trays of pasta. roman numerals are gilded in 23 _ carat gold leaf. She glided over to Howie's side and grasped his hand while he maintained a nervous smile. Ask your question. Thanks to the railroads, the city enjoyed great prosperity during the Gilded Age. The hotel's gilded guest list includes United States Presidents, world leaders, legendary entertainers and sports figures. SINCE 1828. Marble terraces and balustrades surround the tank, and a marble causeway leads across the water to the temple, whose gilded walls, roof, dome and cupolas, with vivid touches of red curtains, are reflected in the still water. People lived in grand gilded-age cottages on the islands. How To Use Gilded In A Sentence? Log in. Log in. You can even get away with a light metallic, like champagne or gilded beige, for a beautiful, elegant look. underbelly venue fits perfectly with the future plans for the Gilded Balloon. The ceilings were gilded, the chandeliers dripping with crystals. 'Mulan' leads to spike in Disney+ app downloads James can be seen as an American Everyman at the end of the Gilded Age, wealthy in money, but stingy and bankrupt in spirit. Join now. How to use glide in a sentence. Sentence Examples for gilded. 2. nav75 nav75 12.12.2018 English Secondary School Make a easy sentence of glided 1 See answer nav75 is waiting for your help. 2. Bandelier, The Gilded Man (New York, 18 93); William Barry, Venezuela (London, 1886); M. Besides these may be mentioned the church of St Pantaleon, a 13th-century structure, with a monument to Theophano, wife of the emperor Otto II. The Academy, from designs by Theophil Hansen (1813-1891), is constructed of Pentelic marble in the Ionic style: the colonnades and pediments are richly coloured and gilded, and may perhaps convey some idea of the ancient style of decoration. 3. Sentence Examples for glided. gilded sentences in Hindi. How to use glided in a sentence is shown in this page. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Other times, he glided above 16,000 feet. Fossils are a special type of currency introduced in the delve league that can be socketed into resonators to modify the crafting behavior in specific ways. To create a gilded look, women may opt for sequined gold or silver mindresses or shifts, while men can create a bubbly look in a striking gold lame suit or a festive gold sequined tie on top of a white shirt and black dress pants. Definition of 'glide'. Like the regular Classique, the de Lune is housed inside distortion-free glass and gilded brass, inviting onlookers to observe its contents. The plane managed to glide down to the runway. Glided meaning and example sentences with glided. Examples of gilded in a sentence: 1. 3. Birds came at his call, and forgot their hereditary fear of man; beasts lipped and caressed him; the very fish in lake and stream would glide, unfearful, between his hands. During the Gilded Age, a new grand hotel was planned for Colebrook. Example sentences for: glided How can you use “glided” in a sentence? 3. Sunlight gilded the children's faces. The objects produced are mostly of white clear glass, cut, engraved and gilded. Glided: to move or proceed smoothly and readily. The Spaniards started calling this golden chief El Dorado, "the gilded one. How to use gilded in a sentence. The Dom contains the castle (first built in the 13th century, rebuilt in 1772), where the provincial administration has its seat, and a cathedral (1894-1900) with five gilded domes. 757 this was superseded by a gilded and elaborately decorated equipage costing £10,065 which was used till 1896, when a replica of it was built to replace it. It then stretched its arms toward heaven, clasped its hands, and wringing them in a supplicating manner, Scarce a word was heard in the ten canoes as, keeping near the right-hand shore of the lake, they, Before him the Sound lay, a smooth dark floor, along which, I half expected the thing to stick, but it, Esther followed, snapped the door shut, and they, Then he noticed Ben Jolly beckoning to him and he, Tugged in a sentence | Short example sentence for tugged[Class 1-5], Frieze in a sentence | Short example sentence for frieze[Class 1-5], Meaner in a sentence | Short example sentence for meaner[Class 1-5], Toddler in a sentence | Short example sentence for toddler[Class 1-5], Monsoon in a sentence | Short example sentence for monsoon[Class 1-5], Buried in a sentence | Short example sentence for buried[Class 1-5], Trotted in a sentence | Short example sentence for trotted[Class 1-5], Macbeth in a sentence | Short example sentence for macbeth[Class 1-5], Terrace in a sentence | Short example sentence for terrace[Class 1-5], Fuss in a sentence | Short example sentence for fuss[Class 1-5], Lumbered in a sentence | Short example sentence for lumbered[Class 1-5], Waddled in a sentence | Short example sentence for waddled[Class 1-5], Tramped in a sentence | Short example sentence for tramped[Class 1-5], Sauntered in a sentence | Short example sentence for sauntered[Class 1-5], Jetting in a sentence | Short example sentence for jetting[Class 1-5], Waded in a sentence | Short example sentence for waded[Class 1-5], Trooped in a sentence | Short example sentence for trooped[Class 1-5].